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Length: 24 weeks

3 - 4 Workouts per week

2x optional "Active Recovery" routines per week

3 Phases (8 weeks each, progressing)

Unlimited Coaching via the in-app message and video center

Program modifications available upon request

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You can view up to 7 days in advance within your program. I recommend reviewing workouts beforehand. Then get started with your first workout, log your results for me to see, and send me your technique videos to review.

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Sample of Equipment Used in Programs

As you may have noticed, this isn't your typical machine based program (leg extension machine, leg press machine, pec fly machine, etc..). This program uses all 'functional' based equipment designed to train movements using the body as a whole, not isolate muscles. 

These days, most commercial gyms seem to have all the equipment listed below. They usually have a 'functional training area' marked off somewhere in the gym. And if you prefer working out at home, it's all relatively inexpensive items (compared to large machines). 

If you are using a commercial gym sometimes you still might want to get your own small items such as mini-bands, stretch strap, jump rope, superbands with handles, and sliders (for leg curls), if they don't have any of these things at the gym. 

If you do not have access to a piece of equipment, just message me on the app and we can easily switch that exercise out to something different and equally effective.   

For premium quality equipment try they have excellent customer service and super high quality equipment.  

For budget friendly equipment check out for the lowest prices on the internet for most of their items, with free shipping. Use caution and read reviews.

Click the link below to view some examples of these items on Amazon.

View Equipment List on Amazon